A collection of houseplants, flower bouquets and other home goods. Some of the plants on this shop are babies from mother plants that I have nurtured for 20+ years.

Plants CANNOT be shipped, they are local delivery or pick up only

All plants that leave my studio have been meticulously cared for and monitored prior to leaving my hands. Once they become yours I can’t control or guarantee their health, however if you follow the instructions in the descriptions of the plant you have purchased then you should have no problem keeping it thriving.

The soil mix that I make for plants is very fertile and rich, and as a result you may see fuzzy white mold on the top from time to time. Although it may look alarming, is harmless and an indication that the material is rich in plant nutrients. The white fuzzy “mold” is actually from a mycelium fungus which is a naturally occurring beneficial soil fungus that grows in rich organic matter. Simply stir it up with your hands or a shovel. The white fuzzy stuff will mostly vanish from sight. It will not harm your plants, it will actually help feed them. This type of fungus helps break down the good stuff like worm castings, kelp meal, bat guano and chicken manure making these available to plant roots. These pores of the fungi are present in the compost all the time. This is normal and good. Certain combinations of temperature, moisture, air and organic material can make the fungi grow unusually fast which is apparently what happened to the bag at your house. Not to worry. Simply work the compost into your garden soil as instructed on the package and the plants in your garden will love it.